Universal compressed sensing estimation - software
A new and greatly improved implementation by Junan Zhu uses a size- and level- adaptive MCMC approach. We greatly recommend using the new implementation, instead of the one featured below.

Junan Zhu, Dror Baron, and Marco Duarte, December 2014

This webpage describes the Matlab files used in our work on universal compressed sensing signal estimation, described in the following paper, The software was implemented by Dror Baron and Marco Duarte, based in part on an earlier implementation by Dror Baron for universal lossy compression in joint work with Tsachy Weissman (matlab).

The current implementation uses the Markov chain Monte Carlo framework pioneered by Jalali and Weissman in a compressed sensing framework, where instead of approximating an input we approximate an unknown input from linear measurements.

Below is a brief description of files used in our implementation. Comments will be appreciated.

Dror Baron and Marco Duarte, September 2011

Feel free to also browse through other software packages developed by our group.

Dror, October 2011

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